Advantages of E-tickets

"Itinerary receipt" contains information about the e-ticket purchased.

Itinerary receipt is typed by any printer on the standard A4 paper. In case of purchase of an air transportation without direct visiting of our sales office, such document can be sent to the passenger by email and printed by him(her)self using any printer.

Itinerary receipt is not a counterpart of the ticket. It can be lost and printed again, so we advise you not to delete it from your e- mail until the end of your trip.

In principle, availability of the itinerary receipt for check-in at the airport is not obliging, but we strongly recommend that you have it with you during the entire trip, as it contains full information about the route, method and details of payment, and it may be required in some Russian airports to be presented to the passenger check-in and passport control services while flying abroad as a proof of the return ticket.
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