Domestic Flights in Tajikistan:

For domestic flights within the Tajikistan territory, a passenger should have the national identity document – national passport or foreign passport (for adults) and Certificate of birth (for children).

International Flights:

For international flights, a passenger should have his/her foreign passport with visa of the country of destination and transit visas (if applicable).

Children should be entered into the passport of one of their parents or have their own Foreign passports.

A person accompanying the child, should have a certificate confirming their relationship, otherwise the child would be prohibited to be departed from Tajikistan. If a child travels without his/her parents, it is necessary to provide the parents’ notary certified consent for their child departure.

You should pay special attention to the validity of your passport. It should not bepast its expiry date, and visa period should be expired not earlier the date of the return departure.

If the passenger’s identity documents are executed improperly, the Airline may deny transportation to him/her. In such case, the ticket price would be refunded in accordance with the Rules of tariffs application for voluntary refund.

ATTENTION !!! From the 20th of December 2014, sale of air tickets for all “Tajik Air” flights operated to the Russian Federation should be made with foreign passports only!

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